Ben Franklin said it first, “The only real saver is a regular saver.” You are never too young to start saving. Whether you would like to begin earning interest on your hard earned money or catch a head start on saving for the holiday season, Choice Bank has an account that fits your lifestyle.

Choice Savings

  • $100 minimum to avoid monthly fee 
  • Interest bearing account 
  • ATM/Debit cards

Choice Young Savers

  • Interest bearing account
  • No Monthly fees

Choice Holiday Club

  • Save Money for the Holiday season 
  • Interest bearing account
  • Checks issued in November - just in time for the Holidays!

Health Savings Account

  • $100 opening deposit 
  • No minimum balance
  • Interest bearing account
  • Debit Card
  • Much more detail here!

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

If you're looking to earn a higher interest rate and don't need immediate access to your funds, consider opening a Certificate of Deposit (CD). With a CD, your savings are invested at a set rate for a specified period of time. 
  • Flexible maturity term options ranging from 90 days to 60 months
  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000 (specials may have higher requirement)
  • Receive a fixed interest rate until maturity
  • Flexible interest payment options
  • Automatically renewable
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of investing
  • Early withdrawal penalties may reduce earnings
Choice Advantage - Certificate of Deposit Rewards Program

  • We offer higher rates for customers with an established relationship with Choice Bank
  • Have the opportunity to increase your rate 
  • See the Choice Advantage page for full details
  • 90 day to 60 month certificates available