Choice Bank Debit Cards

If you have lost your Choice Bank Debit or ATM card, or you feel it has been stolen, it is very important that you either block your card with Mobile Card Control using Choice Bank's Mobile App or call us to report this to Choice Bank immediately.

Please call:

Business Hours (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm):


Non-Business Hours (Weekday Evenings and Weekends):


To change your PIN for your Debit Card:


Control Your Debit Card With Choice Bank's Mobile App!

With Mobile Card Control - available through Choice Bank's Mobile Banking App - you can immediately disable your Choice Bank debit card in the event that you believe it is lost or stolen. Simply tap the "Manage my Cards" on the Account screen or "Cards" in the More menu, swipe through to select the desire card and tap "Block Card." The Block Card option turns green and Temporarily Blocked is displayed across the card image. To learn more about Mobile Card Control, click here!

Choice Bank Credit Cards

For lost or stolen Choice Bank Credit Cards, please call:  1-800-325-3678