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Choice Bank's Mobile Banking App has been updated to give you greater control and security over your banking. Android users can now join Apple users by accessing their accounts conveniently and securely using their fingerprint!

Updates to the Choice Bank App Include: 
  • Android users can now access the Choice Bank App securely and conveniently with just a fingerprint - Apple users have already been able to access the Choice Bank App without typing a password by using the “Touch ID” feature. Now, Android users can also use the “Fingerprint Login” feature to log into their accounts. To enable either the Fingerprint Login (Android user) or TouchID Login (Apple user), simply go to the “More” tab in the App, select the applicable login option for your phone, and follow the steps from there! Accessing the App is a snap!  
  • A cleaner look to the landing page - If you have several accounts with Choice Bank, the first three will display along with a “Show all my accounts” option.
  • Customize your accounts however you see fit - You can customize the order in which your accounts display on the landing page by clicking the Edit link, then holding down on the account and dragging it to the order you prefer.
  • Easily identify pending transactions - Transactions Pending will now display with a shade of gray as to better identify what’s pending.

Not currently using our App? Simply download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Please note, in order to use the App, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking.

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